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MWO. Multiple Wave Oscillator of Georges Lakhovsky


Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO) - is a legendary apparatus created by Georges Lakhovsky at the beginning of the 20th century.

The physical phenomenon used by Lakhovsky, that has a beneficial effect on the body has always been perceived ambiguously. We are talking about improving the state of the body after temporary exposure to high-voltage and high-frequency electric fields. On the one hand, the resulting wellness effect allowed Georges Lakhovsky to establish a clinic in France and conduct many years of successful practice in treating a variety of diseases of the body. On the other hand, his successful practice put pharmacology and official medicine in an uncomfortable position, which did not recognize the method of treatment with electric fields.
This confrontation between successful practice and conservative views of official science eventually went into judicial pursuit, led to the sudden death of the inventor, his case was persecuted, and the devices were destroyed.
The result of this persecution was an almost complete erasure of information about the inventor and his apparatus from history.

But the inventor managed to register the American patent, which today allowed to recreate this legendary apparatus.

MWO of Georges Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator of Georges Lakhovsky


The story of the emergence of this technology of beneficial effects on the body is no less interesting than the MWO apparatus itself, because outstanding individuals participated in it.

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

Arsen d
Arsene d'Arsonval

Georges Lakhovsky
Georges Lakhovsky

The prerequisites for such a technology were the discoveries of Nikola Tesla, which allowed not only to create devices that produce high-frequency high voltage (with low-current ampers) is safe for a person.
No less outstanding merit in this matter with a member of the French Academy of Sciences, the founder of biophysics Arsene D'Arsonval. He devoted many years to studying the ability of high-frequency currents to pass through the animal body, without causing irritation to the tissues and at the same time having various physiological effects. These studies of D'Arsonval influenced the development of electrotreatment methods, which was named after him - darsonvalization. The results of these studies helped Georges Lakhovsky create his own apparatus.
And finally, Georges Lakhovsky is a Belarusian-French engineer and inventor who created a multivoln oscillator and successfully practiced his treatment of various ailments in a clinic in France.
The role of your submissive servant in this work is not so great. I did not engage in such technologies and am known mainly for the system of stabilized levitation of heavy non-magnetic objects , which I invented earlier. Using my engineering skills, knowledge of physics and electronics, at the request of foreign initiative colleagues, I recreated this lost apparatus, in accordance with the original patent and using modern details.


The principle of influence is based on the creation of high-voltage multi-band noise, which allows the resonant system, whose parameters are not known, to find and extract the desired harmonics from white noise and increase the amplitude of the signal.
By resonance system, the parameters of which are not known, is meant an DNA molecule. The theory confirmed by the tests is as follows: All the initial information about a healthy organism as a whole is embedded in DNA. But no cell in the body has mechanisms for interpreting the information embedded in this most complex molecule. Moreover, all cells of the same organism have identical DNA, but at the same time have a variety of functionality and their place, forming a common organ, its function and shape. A variety of biochemical processes are partly responsible for establishing the roles of cells in the body, but resonant information emanating from surrounding cells has the greatest role. So, for example, skin cells located in the immediate vicinity of a healing wound tell new cells exactly what the new cover should be. Tiny damage to the skin is easily restored before the former relief is recreated, since the previous fingerprints are restored on the fingers. But the farther the distance, the less accurate the information. Violation of the skin with a distance between the edges of the wound of more than 1 cm practically has no chance of completely healing on its own, such wounds are sutured. Thus, in order to correct general disorders and heal volumetric disorders in tissues, in the process of healing the body, the distribution range of resonant information emanating from healthy cells (i.e., from most) is very important. The characteristics of this resonant system have not been fully studied. The resonance frequency, given the microscopic distances between the constituents of this molecule, is certainly very large. But the exact frequencies are not yet known, as are their many harmonics at lower frequencies. Any resonant system is able to increase the amplitude of the pulse, independently extracting the desired harmonics from the noise containing them. So, for example, in white light there are all possible frequencies of electromagnetic oscillations in the range 390-790Thz (visible spectrum), a resonant system tuned to green light with a frequency 550Thz, will easily calculate this frequency y will increase the amplitude of its oscillations. So white noise, being a complex of different frequencies that uniformly fill the range, is the best source of support for the resonant system, whose frequency characteristics are hidden from us. The best thing a person can do to increase the volume of resonant information coming from healthy cells is to give additional white noise energy. Healthy cells themselves will extract the necessary harmonics and will be able to increase the amplitude of a healthy signal, helping the body return to its original healthy state.


Like many other technologies that are valuable to people, representing a competing potential for monopolistic structures, all areas of darsonalization have succumbed to repeated persecution. Of course, and today no one will allow you to use these devices for the mass provision of medical services. Keep that in mind.
But no one will forbid having such an apparatus for personal use, say, as a historical working model. To have such a device for personal use, it is important to correctly position and remember that you do not provide medical services to anyone. If someone other than you uses it, then only on his own initiative.


The main principles of the apparatus are observed in accordance with the original patent. But unlike previous noisy models on spark arresters, this device is made on powerful IGBT transistors, so it works completely silently, which allows you to turn on quiet music for meditation during a session. Also, its body is printed on a 3d printer made of plastic with the best dielectric characteristics. This is a worthy modern modification of the famous apparatus of Georges Lakhovsky.
Unfortunately, there is no question of mass production. These apparats are produced only on a piece-by-piece basis. Production is capacious, requires a lot of effort, time and means. The production process is constantly being optimized, but at the moment, the production of the 1st device requires 2 months of tight work and costs 5000 Euro. Delivery is paid separately.

At the moment, an improved version 1.8 is being released!

MWO Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator of Georges Lakhovsky

A distinctive feature is a high degree of synchronization and an equal distribution of power to antennas. This is a more complex model, but the cost and timing of production are the same.


There are all coordinates at the bottom of the site. Call or email me, agree on the delivery date and payment methods. After the completion of production, we will coordinate the delivery of the transport and expeditionary company to your doors.


Research and design development completed. The production of MWO now comes down to step-by-step assembly and this can now be done by anyone who can read electrical scheme. Today you have the opportunity to purchase an information package for the production of MWO and start self-production.

The information package includes:
      Electrical Scheme;
      Industrial Parts List;
      Detailed manufacturing instructions;
      60 files for 3D printing.

You gain indisputable property rights to all devices produced by you. The cost of the information package today: 14`000 Euro. These investments fully pay off with the sale of 4 devices. Everything else is your clear profit!
Any questions? Call or write on WhatsApp, I'll explain everything.

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